2 simple exercises to relieve knee pain

One of the most usual physical problems a runner can be fighting against is a pain in their knees. So did I, after my first weeks starting to run. And before I bought my new running shoes solving the problem, I did also read a bit about how to strengthen my body to relieve the pain. So here I just shortly want to share two common and simple exercises to relieve knee pain that you can do without any need of gym equipment, but a regular chair can helpful.


Exercise 1 – Mini-squat

Start by stand in place in front of a chair, with about 3 decimeters (about 12 inches) between you and the chair. Your toes pointing forward, and your feet about hip-width apart. Lower yourself slowly down toward the chair if as you were on the way to sit down, but stay halfway with the hips bent. Keep an eye on the position of your knees, that they stay behind your toes, and keep your abs right. These are also called partial squats.

mini squat


Exercise 2 – Calf Raises

In the second exercise. you can use the chair as help for the balance and start standing behind it instead. Also here with your toes pointing forward and your feet about hip-width apart. Rise up onto your toes by slowly lifting your heels off the floor. Hold for a moment and then slowly lower your heel back to the floor.

calf raises


Have you used anyone of these in preventive or to relieve knee pain? Leave a comment below. I would love to hear about your experiences 🙂



  1. Thank you for a very informative post Marika. I used to be a runner but no longer. However I do have trouble with my knees and these simple exercises sound like a good idea.

    Do you think that the exercises will help to relieve tingling and other funny feelings in my knees as well as help to strengthen them?

    • Hi Frank. Happy to hear you got some tips from my post. I don’t dare to guess if the tingling can be helped with this exercises also. Maybe you should take a medical expert advice to be sure. But many things can be helped by building some strength up. Hope you find a solution!

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