About Me

Hi there!me

My name is Marika, a Swedish woman in my mid-thirties with a newfound interest in running. So this blog is a place where I want to learn and share a bit about my struggles and experiences, and hopefully get to learn a bit from yours too, how to become a runner. I will also check out tips, gears and services addressed to joggers or runners.

How did I end up here

I have since I was a child never been a sporty type of person. I have never been on a team or in regular training for longer periods. I have always felt my body is fluffy, with solid bone structure and incapable to more than lumber when trying to move.
But last year I had a health focus on learning to eat according to my body and lost 25% of my weight. And the goal for this year was to be more physically active, with more steps and more daily body motion.
So when my partner told me her decision to learn to run 5k, I had to give it a serious try to go with that challenge too! And it took about 2 months to go from dying for every step, to manage 5k without stop! But ya, still, I’m in the span in between lumbering and jogging, I can’t call it running…yet…

And now

After managing the 5k goal I haven’t put up a new specific goal yet. More than that I really want to go on with the journey I have started. So, for now, I just trying to get 2-3 “runs” per week and learning along the way. The challenge for the moment is how to keep it up through the winter. Not sure about how to manage that. I’m more than welcome tips on that one! 🙂


Wish you a good run into the future!

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