First in a long time: 30 minute treadmill workout

Treadmill workoutHow did this happen! Some periods you are in a better “flow”. Scheduled for a weekend conference, staying over at a hotel, and at early arrival choosing to hit the hotel gym and try out their treadmill on a 30 minute treadmill workout. And that instead of taking an afternoon nap in the comfy hotel bed. And I was glad over the choice I did, and probably a bit proud too.

Believe I haven’t been running on a treadmill for years. So after managing some kilometers on forest roads, it was interesting to see how it felt to take a run on a treadmill. And I have to say it felt really good. I managed 37 minutes without stop. So even if I haven’t been so disciplined to win over the winter and haven’t been out as often as I should. I still have a bit of the condition left, that I buildup in the autumn.

And I also boosted a bit of extra energy to get pumped up already in the beginning of the conference 😀


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