You can find as many gears for runners as you like at the market. It’s running clothes, running shoes, accessories for runners, treadmill, and other training equipment and so on. But do you need it? Yea, that depends on you I guess.  For me, until today, I see some as necessary, some making the running experience a bit better or easier, and some is just for the fun of gears.


Running Gears


Running gears for beginners

One thing I like about running is that you don’t need so much to get started with your training, and you don’t need to buy whole accouterments to try it out. But I do have some recommendations what to think about right from the start, for injury prevention and to minimize risks.

Learning from my own experience shoes is a high priority. You don’t need the most expensive or the nicest brand, but I do recommend running shoes fitting your foot, your step and the type of ground you plan to run at.

I myself started out with the walking shoes I had from before, which I hadn’t had any problems with. For running, that was another thing. I didn’t felt it from the start, but in a wail my knees really starting to hurt. But new running shoes and taking it extra easy a couple of runs made it. Until today I haven’t felt any more problems with the knees.

My second recommendation, what to think of when begin to run depends a bit on where you live and what time a year you have. It’s about being able to see and being seen. Here in Sweden at wintertime, it gets really dark and it darkens quite quick. So if you don’t run where you have lighting on roads, then you need to remember to bring your own lightning. Even if you know where you are running, it’s important to see where you put your steps.

Also the other way around, it’s important for others to see where you are. And not to forget, even if you run at roads with lightening it’s still dark. So to be sure about being seen, don’t forget lights or reflectors! But that should be also when you are out other than for running too. So if you live in areas where it gets dark, I hope you already have some type of reflectors you can use for a start.

More running gears

When you got started, and got to a point when you feel that this is something you want to go on with. Then it’s maybe time if you want to supplement your running outfit or equipment. Why? For me, it was a combination of getting rid of a bit of the lumbering feeling and to handle the weather conditions better. Starting out with upgrading my running outfit in small steps, changing to clothes with better fit and better suitable material.

To a start, I wondered why I should spend money on something like this when I had old clothes that didn’t do anything if they got shabby. But when I did, I felt such big difference! So for me, it was worth making some investment to keep me going. And I will probably upgrade a bit more to manage through the Swedish winter.

My Reviews

As I said, it’s so many different gears out on the market. And I will in time write about some of them here. But I also want to be clear about which once I have been able to try for myself in person, and which I only been reading about or got a second opinion. That’s why you also can find the section with My Reviews in the header menu.