My Reviews

There is so many different running programs, training tips, clothes, shoes, accessories and other gears offered out there for joggers and runners. And I will be writing about some of them under different headlines on this site. But here under ” My reviews” you will find the once I actually have had a possibility to try in person.

How I reviewfeedback-1311638_1280

I will in my reviews tell you about how I have tried the product/service out,
summarize my personal experience, what I think is good or bad. I will also give it a thumb up or thumb down and tell you if I would recommend it for you or not.
If you already have your own experience of the product/service, or if you try it out after my review, I would more then love to read your thoughts about it. So please leave a comment below, and we will see if we got the same opinion about it or not.


Do you have a product/service you want me to review?

Maybe you have a product or service for joggers/runners that I haven’t reviewed, please send me a mail at marika(a) about it and we will see if we can find a possibility for me to do a review in the future.