Review of my Springyard ice grippers for shoes

As I mentioned in my Christmas post about my new Soc running trousers I got, we had been away shopping for running clothes a while before that. On that shopping trip, I also bought a couple of removable ice grippers for shoes, that I can use together with my ASICS running shoes.

I have now been using them on and off for a while depending on weather and feel it’s time for a short review for what I think about them this far. So here we go.


The product

Brand: Springyard

Model: SportGrip

GripFactor: 5/5

Buy online: Amazon

Price at the moment: £6.82 – £27.91


They are designed by the Swedish company Brunngård Group AB, and product controls are carried out in Finland. Two Nordic countries that have experiences of snowy and icy winters. The product is classified as protective equipment class 1 – very slip resistant.

It is a complete foot gripper to provide perfect grip on winter surfaces, as ice and snow, for running as it is equipped with four studs below the ball of the foot and two studs below the heel. They should be suitable for all types of shoes and has a tight fit.

The studs are replaceable if needed, and it is also some extra included in the box from the start.



I have never used any ice grippers before these. And the first I had to decide was if I wanted to go with a removable model or new running shoes with permanent studs.

Because I had my ASICS running shoes that I really liked, and didn’t felt I could afford a couple of new running shoes already, I chose to try out a removable model and see how it worked.

And I have to say that I believe it was a quite wise decision for this time. To have a removable model has been good for the possibility to put it on and off depending on weather conditions for each time. And to not be needing to switch shoes if driving the car somewhere for a run.

They look and work sort of like a harness in rubber. As you can see at the picture (borrowed from the package box) you pull them over the front part above the toe, then backward and up above the heel.

Most of the times it has slipped on in a perfect fit on my shoes at the first try. In other cases, it’s usually just to make a small correction with the positioning of the rubber where it didn’t place in a good fit at the first try.


Build up the trust

When taking the first runs with the ice gripers on the shoes, it feels a bit difficult to know how much you can trust them. Where is the limit for how icy it can be?

One of the things I realized were that the studs get a better grip when running then walking. That is not so strange because you get another pressure down to the ground when running, and the studs go deeper.

So in a way you have to dare to know….But I have been happily surprised about how much they can handle.

It has been times when it has been slippery even with the ice gripers on. Then it has been times when it has been crystal clear ice, almost polished and no at all granulated. So when the surface conditions are to crystal clear out there, then I recommend being more careful. Or as one time when the snow was too sticky, and it piled up under the shoe. Then the studs didn’t reach through the piled snow down to the ice.

But it doesn’t take many times to learn when the conditions are riskier.


My Rating

I for sure am satisfied with the purchase. It has worked better then I hoped and for a price tag well-worth the possibility to get out running even in wintertime. And I can not blame the grip for not being out running more then it has been these wintery days.

Even if it is days I stay in because if the crystal clear icy road, it not close to how many times I should have been needing to stay inside if I didn’t have bought the ice gripers.

I for sure give them a big thumbs up, and strongly recommend Stringyard Sportgrip if you plan to run in winter slippery roads!



Have you any experience of Springyard Ice Grippers? Drop me a line in the comments below. Would love to hear what you think about them.


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