To choose shoes for running is important

Right at the start when I had decided to begin training for running I made a mistake. With that mistake, I realized how important it is to choose shoes for running. Not just any shoes you have at home that works perfectly fine for walking or for fitness activities of any other kind. It should be shoes made for running, and it should be shoes fit to your feet, your running.my walkingshoes

My confession

What I did to get started quick with my training and to not need to spend any money to try out, I took the walking shoes I had at home. Walking shoes I did really like and had been walking quite a distance in without any problems. And it started out very good. And I could follow the training plan more or less in harmony with my body (except for some charleyhorse once in a while).

My punishment 

I think it was for about three or four weeks, it went very good. Until the day, without prior warning, my knees started to hurt for every step I took. It almost worked to walk easily without pain. But every try to switch the steps towards more speed or more pressure, like jogging, got my knees in pain.

My solution

As many of us do when searching an answer, I did start out with a meeting with our friend Google to see what Internet said about hurting knees when running. And with the result of those searches, and with a call to my partner that had bought new running shoes the week before, I realized that my first step to ease for my knees and try to get on with the training was to buy a new pair of shoes, shoes made for running and fitting my feet.

This was for sure my biggest beginner mistake, to not make that investment from the start!

Because I now know the significance of this, I will follow up with some post about what to think of when choosing your running shoes.

Maybe you have your own similar experiences? Let me know, give me your story in the comments below…..



  1. I do have knees that hurt when I run. I attributed to just my body, and not to shoes. I do buy nice lightweight running shoes made just for that. But after reading this article, maybe they are not the right pair for me after all. I am going to have to start looking. I will be looking forward to your post on which pairs are the best.

    • Hi. I can’t promise you that it’s not attributed to your body. But I should try out different things first, before giving the judgement to only your body if I should had been you 🙂
      Just with the shoes it is quite a bit to get the right fit helping your knees out. And then it is also ways to help your knees by strengthening other parts of your body with some extra exercises. I did find out a bit about that when I prepared if it shouldn’t been enough with changing shoes for the pain in my knees. I will get to this later on in a blog post. That I can promise 🙂
      Hope you find a way to get rid of your pain!

  2. I sure agree that choosing the right shoes for jogging is highly important because I ended up with a sprained and painful ankle for a few months, just from using the wrong shoes for weeks and not actually realizing they were the cause of the sprain, lol. It was a gradual build up of pain. 🙁

    But now, after plenty of recovery and switching to an awesome pair of Nike running shoes, my feet and ankles feel so much better. The shoes are so light and comfortable, it feels like I’m not wearing any. HA HA!

    I’m sorry to hear you suffered something similar with your knees. We don’t actually realize the negative impact that the wrong shoes can have on our joints.


    • Hi Neil
      Thank you for your concern. I did take the decision to try out new shoes quite soon after my problems started with the knee. So luckily I only needed a short recovery period before I was back on track again. And the knees has worked fine the last month since then.
      I really hope your recovery keep you well, and up and running.


  3. I agree with you. I myself do a lot of running with this cheap shoe I bought. I run 1 1/2 hour a day and everytime after I ran my knee starts to hurt. I don’t pay attention to it and keep on doing it until this day I found and read your article. I learned that I should buy my comfortable shoes that will help me with foot impact when running. And the shoes must be prior to running and not just sneakers that you can buy from cheap places. I greatly appeciate for sharing this topic, thank you.

    • Thanks John. I hope you find some better fitting shoes for your running soon. Changing my shoes really helped me out, and I haven’t felt any more pain in my knee since I got used with my running shoes. Wish you luck!

  4. I’ve been running for about 4 months now and the instep of my foot is starting to really ache if I run more than 4 days a week. Someone mentioned flat feet to me – could this be the cause?
    Also, if this is the cause are there any running shoes that give a sort of arch support mechanism? This pain is killing me so I need to get it sorted soon!

    • Hi Chris. Flat feet, or over pronation, is quite usual. If that’s the case you probably need a running shoe that is stabilizing. Sometimes you also need a cushion made after your feet, if the support of a stabilizing shoe isn’t enough. For me it helped with a running shoe made for people with over pronation to stabilize enough to get rid of the ache in my knee.
      Have you read my blog about different pronations? It gives a bit of a first understanding for how to look at the pronation at your feet and what it means.

      Hope you find a fit for you!

  5. When I started running ten years ago, I would put on a pair of casual joggers which were mainly suited for walking.

    I found after a couple of weeks that I started getting shin splints which were quite painful and I had to miss a couple of workouts which wasn’t good.

    I decided to get a proper pair of running shoes which suited my gait, they weren’t cheap but they were just what I needed as they gave me plenty of support for my lower legs and shin splints went away quickly.

    So I found that getting the right shoes for running is very important.

    • Hi Adrian. Thanks for sharing your experience! Believe it’s a quite usual and easy made mistake to start with a couple of walking shoes you have at home when you want to start your first runs. Sounds like it’s similar experiences both you and me learned something from.

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